Paper Vs Digital

  • Additional manpower required to complete and submit reports
  • Mistakes can be costly
  • Time-consuming
  • Automating manual processes saves time and staff
  • Prevents mistakes due to human error
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Distances are measured manually
  • Sign placements are approximate
  • Details can be forgotten when reporting
  • Determined by GPS
  • Sign placements to the exact coordinates
  • Each log is automatic and time stamped
  • Reporting is tiresome and put off
  • Reports are left incomplete
  • Reports can be falsified
  • Reporting is instantaneous and easy
  • Can’t be left incomplete
  • Can’t be falsified
  • Easily damaged
  • Can be disorganized and sloppy
  • Needs to be carried and stored
  • Can’t be damaged
  • Neat and Legible
  • Always accessible
  • Can be lost or damaged
  • Safe and protected
  • Only one copy can be passed around at any time
  • Everyone in the project can access the same report simultaneously

The pen and paper method of completing TAS
reports has long been problematic for several reasons:

the sign tracker reporting

The manpower and time needed to update, complete and submit the reports. Filling out paper reports is a cumbersome process, hence, it is usually put off until the last possible moment when details are not fresh in anyone’s mind. This only makes the task more menial and time-consuming.


The logistics involved in the use and storage of these sensitive materials. Paper documents can be easily misplaced and damaged. Carting reports around and ensuring they are kept safe is not always an easy task at the job site. And, writing mistakes can make the report look like a jigsaw puzzle.


Most importantly, the uncertainty of whether reports are completed in a timely and accurate manner. As traffic-related lawsuits increase, demands for accurate and complete reports follow. In that case, trusting that your employees and subcontractors are adhering to provincial and state policies can be risky as incomplete or falsified reports can leave your companies legally vulnerable in the eventuality of an incident.

The SignTracker app lets you take control

The SignTracker app was born out of the construction industry’s long-standing need for a modern and functional approach to TAS reporting.

Knowing that all parties involved in a project follow provincial and state-mandated sign placement and check guidelines gives everyone the confidence that they are working with professionals who will protect your best interests.

But that is not all, learn more about the SignTracker’s Features and Benefits, then start your
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sign tracker app
Save on manpower
Neat and Legible
Accurate and
Visually appealing
Easy storage
and sharing
Easy to use
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