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The only time you get billed is when you use our App to track your signs and create a digital TAS report.

We have created a pricing model that allows you to only pay for the App when you’re using it.

No Annual Fees

No Monthly Fees

No Minimum Usage Fees

What is considered an Entry?

Adding Signs

Changing Sign Status from active to inactive or covered and uncovered for existing signs

Checking Signs

Removing Signs

Create and share an unlimited number of TAS reports with an unlimited number of recipients

What would a 1 km, 2-day project with signs 100 meters apart cost?

EventsEventsCost per eventSub-Total
Change Status (inactive or uncovered)15$0.25$3.75
Change Status (active or covered)10$0.25$2.50
Check Signs in the morning20$0.25$5.00
Check Signs at night30$0.25$7.50
Remove Signs50$0.25$12.50

Project Total


Adding Signs


Change Status (inactive or uncovered)$0.10
Change Status (active or covered)$0.10
Check Signs at Night$0.10
Check Signs in the morning$0.10
Remove Signs$0.10
Cost per Entry$0.10

Total Entries


    Number of projects a year *
    less than 100100-300greater than 300